Inland in the ditch

SANITATION EMERGENCY Half of the households in the Brazilian State of Bahia have uninmproved sanitation, as shown by an analysis made by CORREIO in statistics from the National Geographical and Statistical Institute (IBGE). In the municipality of Pilão Arcado, with a population of about 35,000, half of the households do not even have a bathroom. […]

Vazamento nas montanhas do Equador pode ter chegado ao Peru


No dia 31 de maio, uma sexta-feira, após 2 dias de chuva, os moradores da área El Reventador perceberam o deslizamento de terra descendo a montanha e levando consigo a vegetação e 140 metros do Sistema de Oleoduto Trans-Equatoriano (SOTE), que transporta petróleo da Amazônia até a costa. O local fica em um relevo montanhoso […]

Where’s the off switch for Nigerian energy waste?

Nigeria burns off annually up to 2.5 billion dollars worth of natural gas. The reason for this waste is the country’s inability to sell its gas or keep it underground. Several dozens of gas flares were placed onshore all over the Niger Delta – big flames expelling huge amounts of carbon dioxide, so bright that […]

Mapa da escravidão


Trabalhador resgatado no Pará, estado que mais registra casos de escravidão. (foto: Leonardo Sakamoto/ Repórter Brasil) A CH On-line preparou um mapa interativo assustador, com os dados de cada ocorrência registrada na versão mais recente da famigerada ‘Lista suja do trabalho escravo’ no Brasil. Tempos coloniais já se foram. Mas resquícios de nosso subdesenvolvimentismo exaltado […]

Makoko’s thirst for safe drinking water


Makoko is no ordinary neighbourhood of Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city. Most houses in the slum dwelling rest on wooden stilts in the Lagos Lagoon, which is perhaps why some call it the “Venice of Africa.” But there’s a paradox at play: while Makoko thrives on water, residents here lack access to safe drinking water. […]

In the name of gold

Would it sound more like an imprudent legislation or more like a deadly environmental policy? Such a hard question. In the margins of the rivers and in the margins of the law, small-scale gold mining is an activity that has a historical love affair with clandestinity. Comes from the Amazonas state an initiative that, for […]

Thirsty for Organic Farming

Organic farming has become more and more popular in Romania, in the last years. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the number of certified organic farmers has increased from 3.400, in 2006, to 14.500, in 2012. In the same period of time, the certified organic farmland has increased from 45.600 ha, to […]

Brazil seeks a plan to deal with its increasing e-waste

The Brazilian government has promised to deliver a national plan to build a reverse logistics strategy for the country’s e-waste recycling by the end of the year. Since early June, the Ministry of Environment has analysed the four proposals for sectoral agreement to give a correct destination of 1 million tons of this type of […]

The dry road to vulnerability – A close-up of Romania’s vicious dry spells

In May 2013, representatives from the National Weather Administration in Romania issued a warning about looming drought conditions for south-eastern Romania coming July and August. The news made the headlines for a couple of days, determining the ministry for agriculture to reaffirms its commitment to fight the potential disaster. This is how the story usually […]

Amazon white sand scrubs face neglect and degradation

Amazon white sand scrubs

A group of scientists from the Brazilian Amazon National Research Institute (INPA), the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), the State University of Sao Paulo (UNESP) in Rio Claro and the Vitória Amazônica Foundation (FVA) sent in May a motion to the Environmental Council of the Amazonas State, demanding actions to protect the Amazon white sand […]