Geojournalism Handbook

Geojournalism Handbook

Journalists worldwide who want to improve their data-wrangling skills to better cover the environment have a new resource. The Geojournalism Handbook is a free, online guide to mapping and visualization technologies. It explains environmental data such as satellite imagery and even shows you how to build your own balloon to take aerial pictures. The handbook is an important output released with the relevant contribution of the “Flag it” project;

Who realised it?

The Geojournalism Handbook  is part of the portfolio of the Environmental News Lab (Ecolab), a multidisciplinary team hosted at Brazilian non profit news agency O ECO  working to create useful applications for environmental coverage. The online toolkit was created in partnership with ICFJ, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and the Flag It! Project.

Who funded it?

The launch of this Handbook was only possible with financial support of the  European Commission through the “Youth in Action” programme and the International Center for Journalits´s Knight International Journalism Fellowship  Additional in kind support was provided by Internews Earth Journalism Network .