Contribute to “Flag it”

By contributing to the “Flag it” project you will support our work to raise the quality of global environmental reporting and its effectiveness to raise people awareness about current environmental concerns.

People like you enable the European Youth Press and its partners to involve more young journalists into the training course, to improve the quality of the trainings, to better spread the project results and the final toolkit for environmental journalists. To investigate and document actual threats to the global environmental heritage.

For People

The European Youth Press is, at present, realising the “Flag it” crowdfunding page in order to allow any individual to contribute to the realization of the project. The link to the crowdfunding page will be shortly provided.

For Companies

The “Flag it” project offers an excellent opportunity to promote your organization worldwide. Sponsoring the project will help you to generate leads and add value to your corporate and brand image. In order to meet your needs we created three sponsorship packages: each of them offers a variety of benefits and marketing options for your company.


The silver package offers the following benefits to your enterpise:

Company logo displayed:

  • On the “Flag it!” website page dedicated to sponsors with link to the organization webpage;
  • On the monthly e-newsletter and in the project final report;
  • On video related to the project;
  • On dozens press releases sent out on four continents.

Social media promotion:

  • Mention on the project Facebook and Twitter profiles on a 20 days basis.

An acknoweledgment of the support provided:

  • By the spokesman of the hosting organization at the beginning of each training course;
  • On the occasion of activities for which the grant is used.

Number of packages available: 8
Cost: 3.000 EUR.


GOLD PACKAGEIn addition to the benefits listed in the silver package the Gold package offers the following opportunities:
Company logo displayed:

  • On the information pack provided to participants;
  • On any general presentation of the project;
  • A graphic banner dedicated to your company on the “Flag it!” website;

Marketing opportunities:

  • Up to three of your 30–60-second video spots playing throughout the four training courses, before the opening keynote;
  • Participants’ information pack insert, which can be 8 x 11” or CD, subject to the “Flag it” coordinators’ approval;
  • Opportunity to install a 800mm/2000mm banner stand in the training room for all the training courses.

Number of packages available: 5
Cost: 6.000 EUR.


In addition to the benefits listed in the silver and gold packages, the Platinum package offers your company the following opportunities:

  • On-line meetings with the project team in order to build a custom package for you;
  • Welcome message and opening statement from the company CEO to each of the four training courses;
  • A video presentation of your company, as platinum sponsor, underlying how its mission overlaps with the project aims, broadcasted at the beginning of each training course and on the project website;
  • Opportunity to host branded webcast of live and recorded training sessions on the company website;
  • Contacts to network of geojounalists in all the countries involved in Flag it!
  • Opportunity to provide promotional packs to the training courses’ participants;
  • Right to reuse the stories published on the Flag it website on the company website and marketing materials.
  • Priority placement for logo on the project website, on its social networks and in about 100 press releases in four continents;
  • Priority placement for logo in the training courses schedules and in the training courses signs for all venues;

Number of packages available: 2
Cost: 10.000 EUR.

For further information about sponsorship and contributions to “Flag it” please contact the project team.

Project funded by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme